How to Learn her Love History / Family Situation Better in a Blind Date?

Today, blind date has been a fashion,especially those interracial dating. In a blind date, we see a good eye margin beauty must firmly grasp. But the beauty can be deceiving, and won’t to seeing her ex-boyfriend’s streets are brothers after getting married, So how to do for your happiness?we should learn her love history and family situation quietly in a blind date. So how do you make a woman take the initiative to confess, it is an art.

  • We need to know, the first impression is important, so-called “clothes make the man, horse saddle,” Clean and fresh feeling is the most conservative and the most able to attract woman, such as H & M, C & A, ZARA, GY,It is a good choice. Now the girls will not like the old-fashioned man, but do not like frivolous fool. I have several blind date is to use the GY clothes, a handsome little suit, or a competent shirt, every time to see each other face of which the slightest little blush and shy smile, to beautiful women He left a rather good impression. GY casual style just right, calm in passing in my opinion a trace of vitality, refreshing but also quite a gentleman, how match can give a special charm, chic casual, yet elegant. If you really do not want to accept GY, so Jack Jones is a good choice.
  • Human behavior is also very important. Dating to eat, do not see the beauty of a pair of fake monks met on the way fake nun, two small eyes wandering around her chest and thighs, we guys also have a little backbone, not to mention the beautiful actress, who I do not want to look like a male actor. So, to get along in the two eyes to grasp, sometimes watching each other eyes, like a hungry exchange, sometimes looked out the window and see the hands or utensils, like a pair of deep already half the battle.

  • Appropriate praise, find each other intersection point, such as a common interest, like food, etc., can eliminate the sense of distance, so that she felt the distance of your lives not far away. To better adapt to each other, she was willing to lay down their modesty, chat with you sincerely.
  • There is the opening sets out the history of the love they want. Since using the “set” of the word, it can not be straightforward inquiry, scare the beauty who also want to see the consequences. I have tried a method works fine. Women are always emotional animals, they like to share with each other, like two girlfriends chat, talk about their own heart, “The Secret.” So, we can learn from type of “girlfriends”  conversation mode, start from ourselves, talk about “touching” love history, to provoke the woman’s compassion and desire to talk, then you want the content already at hand.

Choosing an nice outfit, starting from the appearance, and then package ourselves’ manners, open her “Read me“. This’s my little experience, regardless of whether you have a blind date help, I only hope that each single man is still able to find true lover who fit their own!

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